What Clients Say

This is a good lot of fellas to deal with. I come here from Melbourne sometimes, usually first thing in the morning, they are very professional and very quick. What makes them better than the rest too, is the guys will help you with straps, curtains, gates. That makes the job easier and quicker for everyone, less hold ups. Keeps things moving. The guys in the office are also very professional and helpful.

Seriously the best boiiiiiiiisssssss
In the game
Quick, efficient and knowledgeable
Guaranteed a quality service
From these Aussie fellas
Honestly can’t fault There service
Down to earth and committed to freight
Not partial to dealing with morons

Just want to thank your driver on the Westgate in Melbourne earlier. He made it really easy to get through, i was following him doing 95kmh in the 80 zone and he was moving everyone out the way by using his big truck and big lights to scare them. I felt safe behind because I knew that the police would pull him over first. I wasnt sure why he was scared of the Domain tunnel though, he slowed down to 78 in there, let him know that the cameras are at number 13 and 20 marker boards so he is safe to speed up between them

Outstanding service and understanding.
What freight companies should be.

Always friendly nothing is a drama 1 of very few good companies left in this industry

Really helpful friendly team, strongly recommend.

Great customer service and second to none in quality.

Great logistics company to use very friendly

Everytime Craig Arthur trailers come into our depot they are always clean and the drivers that i deal with are always top blokes.